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This photo is generic and not my unit. My unit is in excellent condition.
Signal Corps U.S. Army Radio Receiver and Transmitter BC-611-F
Ser. No. 32458    10531-PHILA-45-01
Galvin Mfg. Corporation
Chicago        Illinois

Radio is labeled BEFORE OPERATING READ TM-11-235

I have one radio. Since I don't have a 103 volt battery, I don't know if it works or not. It is very clean inside. May 21 1945 is marked inside. It's on 4840 KC and has the following tubes: 3S4, 1R5, 1T4, 1S5, 3S4. Our museum has four of them. So far I haven't had time to get any of them working. All the IF transformers have open windings.

It uses a BA-37 battery or with an adapter it can use a BA-30 for the 1.5 volt filaments.. HV is supposed to be 103.5 volts using a BA-38 battery. Somebody in Italy makes a nice little solid state module to use a "D" cell to generate the high voltage. Brooke has some good power supply info.

I remember working on these when I worked for the Norfolk Naval Shipyard around 1966 or so.

This description came from the U.S. ARMY SIGNAL CORPS MUSEUM at FT GORDON, GA

BC-611*         Transceiver, handie-talkie, 3.5-6 MHz P/O SCR-526; TM      
                11-235.  Also see BC-721                                   

From http://www.nj7p.org/history/portable.html


Freq range: 3.5-6 Mhz
AM, 40 KHz channel spacing
1 channel crystal controlled
Transmit power 36 mw
receive sensitivity 3 to 5 microvolts
internal AN-190 antenna
internal handset with jacks for external hi Z mic/spkr
 [note: the jacks are connected to the grid and plates of the audio tubes.]
batteries BA-37/38
special test fixture IX-17
Mfg Galvin 1942+
manual 11-235, 11-4019
SCR-585/BC-721 is adaptation for gliders, AN 08-10-106, T.O. 08-16-186
replaced SCR-511, replaced by PRC-6

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