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Subj: KTS Date: 10/28/2001 10:53:20 AM Pacific Standard Time From: jwweitzell (at) zianet.com To: BubbaSip (at) aol.com Hi Bob! I just received an E-mail from Jerry Brookman who referred me to you. I was at KTS twice, '59-'60 and again in about 61-62. I worked in the Telemetry van both tours. Worked for Hank Ciano first tour, was Van Chief second tour. I can provide memories of good times (Cliff Spencer-Manager) and bad times (Dick Cross-Manager). I was also at the Annette Station, Southeast Africa Station and the Seychelles. Spent a few years at WDL, Mountain View working "Special Programs". I left Ford Aerospace in 1978 to work for Martin Marietta, so I have lost contact with everyone from those days. Take Care, Joe Weitzell --------------------------------------------------------------------- Yes, He and his wife called us (me and a couple of Hawaiians) in off the streets (I think it was Mill Bay road just up from the police station) of Kodiak and plied us with frozen martinis. Boy were they good. Don't remember too much after that. That was around Christmas of 1962. Joe was one of the Philco mob who opted not to hire on with Lockheed. I had arrived there on 2 December of that year. ...Bob
Subj: Found Kodiak Museum Website Date: 4/26/2005 9:38:12 AM Pacific Standard Time From: mr511 at sbcglobal.net To: bubbasip at aol.com Hello Bob: I'm Jim Foley's daughter, Rhonda. My brother, Tim, found the Kodiak Military History Museum website and subsequently found the websites on Chiniak. He forwarded them to us "kids" and we were thrilled to see Dad's picture and to also read about him. It brought back lots of memories. I remember so many of you! My Mom, Hazel, was so surprised and delighted to have this information too. She and I just spoke and she asked that I send you an email saying "hello" and hope that you are doing well. We (four kids and Mom) are living in the San Jose, CA area. She also sends a great big "THANK YOU" for these websites. Dad passed away in 1995. It's hard to believe he's been gone 10 years this August. He would have gotten a real kick out of these websites and pictures. Mom would love to hear from you. If you'd like to reply back to this email address, I'll ensure she receives your emails. Mom hasn't come up to the computer age yet and relies on us kids :) She would also like to know if you have any contact information for Bill Beatty. Hopefully he is doing well. Hopefully all is well with you and we look forward to hearing from you. Thanks again. Best regards, Rhonda Foley Jongsma mr511 at sbcglobal.net
Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2002 18:43:08 +0000 From: Faust Stanley Faust_Stanley@bah.com Reply-To: sjf@bah.com Subject: Never Made it to Kodi Hello Joe, Thanks for the Web Page. I am finding old buds I used to work with in here. Made it to all the other AFSCN Stations, but not Kodi. Those were the good old days of working 80 and 100 hour weeks and being paid for every hour instead of working 60 and 80 hour weeks and being paid for 40 hours like what started to happen during the Aerospace implosion in the 90s. Thanks Again, Stan StanFaust@attglobal.net for an outside e-mail address.
Date: 12/20/2001 8:54:41 AM Pacific Standard Time From: brookman@alaska.net To: BubbaSip@aol.com Bob: I recall you said you were going to be out of touch for a while, it appears you're back in touch now. I think you live in the San Jose area(?). Do you know of any former Chiniakers who still live in Alaska (other than me, that is)? Bill Glynn, who lives in the Kasilof area, about 15 miles or so south of Kenai, worked there at one time - do you know him? also, another fellow whose name I believe is Ken Schafer (or Schaeffer, or something like that) once worked there, and he worked for the long distance carrier in this area, which has gone through a number of changes of ownership and name over the years back when I was still working for the FAA, prior to 11/30/1990 when I retired, but I don't know if he's still around this area; there is a K. Schaeffer listed in the local phone book but I will wait a while before calli! ng him, it's a bit early here as I'm writing this. I hope that you and your family have a nice holiday season and an excellent new year. If you could forward this on to the others on the KTS "Hump list", I'd appreciate it; the same wishes go out to them, and I'd be happy to hear from any of them any time they feel like e-mailing me. Best Regards and Nov Shmoz Ka Pop, Jerry Brookman (Chiniak '58 - '60)
Subj: Hi Marty Woods, How are you? Date: 10/14/2001 10:31:36 AM Pacific Daylight Time From: BubbaSip To: martinwoods101@hotmail.com (Martin Woods) Hi Martin: 10/14/01 I remember you very well and the Motly Radar crew we all used to run around with. Dallas McCall being the funnest craziest, most unpredicable man I have ever met. Possibly for the exception of our big Boss, Bart Morgon. Bart Margon died 15 years or so, of an over dose of fluids. Everytime someone writes me, that was from the old days, I just get crazy, Tracking Station sick. Mike Courson wrote me a while back and said Dallas McCall died somewhere in Europe. I don't remember why and how. He also mentioned he had some pictures and a Video of you two in the front of the Tracking Station as you were going to close it. I would love to have any and all of the pictures you and Mike have. I can reproduce them in my house. I can also reproduce video. I can't develop negatives. However I will send the to a Photomat and have that done. I will add a chapter to my web book material. I will add all your pictures with your description of each and possibly a date when taken. This would be great. Could we do this? I sure would like to see the picture of the bare antenna on the building, (Tri-Helix). I had some KTS patches made in remberance to KTS. I sell them for $8.00 which includes shipping. They are 4 inches by 4 inches and are beautiful. They all have an iron on back. They are mostly an embriodered picture of the KTS and the dates of active service. They have 1958 thru 1974 on them. Thats what I was told at the time I was making them. Now I know that it closed 1975. I will change the next batch. I can't send Mike one cause I don't have his address. I could send it to you and you send to him. I could just send it to him if I had his address. I will put my address in this e mail, however, when I have this reply letter to your original letter both entered to the KTS web site Guest Book I will take it out. Did you know I got a letter from Kathy Guerra. It is on the web site Guest Book. Bubbasip@aol.com I'm going to add you to the KTS Hump list. I will list here also. Turcoje@aol.com (John Turco), WL7AML@ARRL.NET (Joe Stevens), stevegu@aol.com (Steve Gurican), jpl@digital-star.com (Joe P Lobis), cdgo@earthlink.net (Wayne Pearson), Skin48@aol.com (Bob & Mike Mallete), mykowalsky@aol.com (Mike Mykowalsky), JeanneLTOC@aol.com ( Jeanne Gehrung), lburnha@attglobal.net (Lyle Burnham), ae_gj@fidalgo.net (Ed & Gloria Norris), rophaug@qwestinternet.net (Ross Ophaug), brookman@alaska.net (Gerald R Brookman,), jdledrew@nanosecond.com (Dennis Le Drew), Charlie.Green@ONIZUKA.AF.MIL (Charlie Green), pfstelwagon@earthlink.net(Pat and Frank Stelwagon), Warren.Pearce-contractor@jntf.osd.mil (Pearce Warren), RWoll@scitor.com (Woll,Ron), vincecappelletti@prodigy.net (Vince Cappelletti), chicog@earthlink.net.( Chico Gentis), mikecourson101@hotmail.com (micheal courson), dleyva@charter.net (Del Eyva), (kwakef2156@aol.com (Kathy) (was Guerra), feathersandstuff @aol.com(Teena) (Was Guerra), rgbannister@earthlink.net(Rosilin Bannister), martinwoods101@hotmail.com (Martin Woods)
Subj: Contact from Martin Woods Date: 10/12/2001 10:20:44 PM Pacific Daylight Time From: martinwoods101@hotmail.com (Martin Woods) To: BubbaSip@aol.com Bob: Greetings from the south Pacific, where it's never cold, beer is cheap, and no federal tax. Martin Woods here. I was one of the last employees of Chiniak, June of 1975. I may be remembered for my chicken farm at Chiniak, the many gardens, and my small boat on the large ocean. I arrived at Chiniak in March of 68, worked in the SGLS area with Mike Courson, Dallas McCall, Ray Worden, George Lyons, and others I remember very well. If you want a list of people of that era let me know. After the site closed I worked several years all over Alaska with RCA Communications. Then went to work for Kodiak Electric Association in the power plant where I stayed till 1990. I retired at that time and went back to my farm in southwest Missouri where I had a small electric shop service for local farmers. When the site was about to close, I purchased several of the Chiniak lots. And, as Tony stated in his book, profited very well when I sold my Chiniak holding about 1988. After my first retirement back on the farm, Mike Courson set things up with Raytheon for me to join him in Votkinsk, Russia in 1999 as a missile inspector. I did that for a year, then both of us transferred to the Marshall Islands. Mike works in the large radar area and I travel to the many small islands by chopper maintaining power generator equipment for optical and telemetry sites. Noticed in your Email a controversy about the helix antennas on the main Chiniak building. In 1968 the main building had a dome with a UHF and a VHF helix inside. I acquired a pre-1968 photo of the building with a single VHF helix not covered if anyone is interested. If you're looking for any particular photos of Chiniak, Kodiak, or people, let me know. I took a lot of photos while I was there. I will not be back in the states for about eight months. However, when I get back, I have many photos of Chiniak and it's unique people that I can sort through if you're interested.
Click for larger image I've attached a picture of myself and Mike Courson standing at that same entrance to the tracking station as you took your bear kill picture. I've also attached a grizzly bear picture of a "picture" that used to reside in the Rendezvous. Some of the old Rendezvous clientele might remember tipping a few and staring at that picture on the wall and glad they weren't running from a Kodiak bear. I don't know the details of the picture, but I remember tipping a few beers there.

Thanks for taking the initiative to put together Chiniak history. Anyone that wants to drop me line, my Email is: martinwoods101@hotmail.com and the snail mail is: Martin Woods PO Box 885 APO AP 96555 P.S. Someday there could be another Chiniak Tracking Station.

Subj: Kodiak Date: 9/6/2001 12:24:21 AM Pacific Daylight Time From: rgbannister@earthlink.net (Rosalie Bannister) To: bubbasip@aol.com (Bob Siptrott) Bob have enjoyed reading all the various Kodiak items. I am Rosalie Bannister my husband Major Lawton K, Bannister was commander from July 1963 until May 1965. Capt Darrell Hartley was operations officer and there was a Sergeant there for a while. We all have very fond memories of the two years and the people. Our daughter Kay graduated from high school in 1965, just before we returned we thought to Sunnyvale. Went to Los Angeles for remaining twenty months Ban retired in 1967, went to work for McDonnell--Douglas in Huntington Beach until summer of '69. 1970 we returned to his home of Cumming, Georgia fifty miles north of downtown Atlanta. He went back to teaching school High School Algebra and coached a high school golf team to a state championship the year he retired. Then we became farmers. we had large lot and garden, greenhouse and the usual. We truly enjoyed it. His health began to fail in 1989--he had not been ill or in hospital for fifty years. He had a number of very serious and life saving surgeries. Died three days after celebrating his eighty-seventh birthday. Up alert. Died quietly in his sleep of ruptured aortic aneurysm in his chest. We had known but also that there was nothing that could be done. We met in his home when we were both on terminal leave after WW II. Were married almost 52 years. I kept up with number of Kodiak people for years but since I moved here did not even send Christmas cards last year. I live in gated community originally for retired commissioned officers but now open to non military. We have active social life. Recently have formed friendship man my age, Non military Yankee lived all his life in shadows of NYC. This southern farm girl has always had suitcase and running shoes. Will admit it is nice to have a man back in my life. I finished long term as registered nurse and retired in 1984. After Ban's death I moved to Melbourne. Florida. I am just across the river west of Patrick AFB and the space center. Daughter Kay is registered physical therapist. Decided she did not like that and studied to be accountant and passed CPA. Boards. Worked several years for non-profit organizations. Her husband is chief engineer for General Motore. Their daughter Karen is also GM engineer and makes Cadillac engines. Son Albert Harvey Bell V is student at Univ Of Michigan. Our son Steve was 11-13 while we were there. He had a note on Kodiak program written in 1998. He is Pharmaceutical chemist. Lives in Boulder, Co. Nice to hear from anyone. Email rgbannister At earthlink.net --- Rosalie Bannister --- rgbannister@earthlink.net

Subj: Another One Who Remembers a Great Time Date: 8/15/2001 9:20:57 PM Pacific Daylight Time From: mikecourson101@hotmail.com (micheal courson) To: BubbaSip@aol.com Hello Bob: Greetings from the Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands. This is Mike Courson. I enjoyed your web site concerning Chiniak and the great memories of a wonderful time of the past. I enjoyed your play by play rendition of your bear kill. Only a few people in the world ever got the experience of being there during those tracking station days. I visit your guest book occasionally to see who else might check in. Your guest book is a great idea. I consider myself fortunate to have lived there in 1968 for a whole year. I can't say that I remember you then. Probably different circle of friends. After a year there at Chiniak I went back to California and discovered I didn't need anything in California and returned to Chiniak in 1973. I was going to stay there but in 6 months the contract changed from Lockheed to Philco. That opened my vistas to new opportunities. I remember the organizing of the troops to bring in the teamsters union. It was mainly over money. I remember the Emerald janitor made more than I did. I also remember catching great big trout from that water reservoir Smaker talked about. Yea, we were told we couldn't fish there, so I knew the powers to be were hiding something. It was great eating those private stock trout! After Frank Sheets taught me how to play handball there, I played many a game of hand ball at the indoor court there. I was turned on to Crusty Ole Joe's web site through Martin Woods. He was mentioned in Smaker's story. But Tony got the details of Martin a little wrong. I'm trying to get him to Email you. Martin also had a hardcopy of your guest book. So I looked into it and didn't know all this information existed. Martin was the one that got me to go up there in 68. There was 4 of us that transferred to Kodi from Vandenberg (Cook). Martin Woods, Dallas McCall, Ray Warden, and myself. We all started out satellite tracking working Prelort and Command Transmitters at Vandenberg and living in Lompoc, California. Lompoc is another story. We all worked on the Prelort radar, which turned into the Space and Ground Link Subsystem (SGLS) with digital ranging (PRN). We also worked on the VHF/UHF command transmitters, the Flat Plane Array (FPA) antenna, the dual(?) helix and the timing system. Trying to remember that helix antenna on the main building roof, I don't remember if it was single, dual, or tri-helix. Oh, what a time we had! Martin had a great big Oldsmobile tank of a car. Every weekend we would make a trip to town just to get off the hill, have some fun, and relax. I remember that car plowing through snow that came up over the hood. We invested a lot at Solly's. Is the big fish tank aquarium in the wall still behind the bar? Do they still ring the bell at the bar to buy everybody a drink? Do they still "Six-Pack" people to see if they can remain vertical? What a place! I read your words about visiting Geno's house and all the merry making that can happen there. I've been there and experienced it too. I remember Geno, Teeny, Kathy, Mike Malette, and some younger kids. I sampled some of the Salmon berry wine of Geno's. I wish I could do it all again. When I left there I went to the Space Center at Houston. Did telemetry work for Ford Areospace. Then I went back to California at China Lake. I worked on radar at Saudi Arabia for 2.5 years then to Russia for 2 years. While I worked in Russia I got ahold of Martin Woods and got him to go there too. From there I am now at Kwajalein and Martin is out here too. There's lots of radar and telemetry here. Plus it's like paradise. This is the other end of the missile range we started at. Ray Warden just started his retirement with Lockheed/Martin. Him and his wife, Donna, are hitting the road in an RV for a while. We're still in touch. I don't know if you heard, but Dallas McCall was killed in a traffic accident. When I was working in Saudi, I got ahold of Dallas and got him to come over there and work on radars again. He spent over a year there before going on vacation. When he did, he went back to his home in Oregon. Going to town one night, his car went off the road into a tree. I will miss him. Well Bob, Martin and I have a lot of photos of those Chiniak days. Maybe we could share them if we knew how. I have a good photo of Martin, Dallas, Ray, and myself at the building entrance like you and the polar bear. I have some good arial views of the site in it's last days. I also have a VHS video of the site after it closed down with the buildings still in place. Martin was doing some narrating on the video of what was what. Well, I could go on and on but better stop with all this remembering stuff. I had a great time at Chiniak and want to go back. Maybe the NMD project might make it possible. If you are anybody else wants to get in touch with me, my Email is "mikecourson101@hotmail.com".

Subj: Hi Del, How are./ Bob Siptrott Date: 10/14/2001 11:52:55 AM Pacific Daylight Time From: BubbaSip To: dleyva@charter.net (dal) Hi Del: Sorry Del, that it took so long to get back to you. I get tied up with trying to sell this house. I blew my Microsoftware load and said Fxxk it to my computer for a couple a weeks. I used my buddies only when I had to. I'm back on line, actually for about three weeks. Still no excuse. I have received 3 E mails from old KTS Troops since receiving your E mail, time to get caught up. Mike Courson, to be posted after yours. Rosline Bannister. Wife of the first KTS Air Force Commander, in 1963, Major Lawton Bannister. Marty Woods: One of Dallas McCalls Marauders. I had you listed on the KTS Hump list, you might have noticed. Did you know that Kathy Guerra, now Wakefield has written me after all these years. See her letter and many more on my KTS Web site Guest Book. Ya, I remember you and your IRAN crew. I forgot what IRAN meant. Please out their reading this, don't go to the crack about IRAN being a country. Maybe just for a while. You Guys were as bad as we were, when it came to party time. remember Bill Bailey and the 190 proof, no vermouth, just rocks martinis. Bite me, those were so bad. You mentioned Sam McCaully. I worked with him in the Lockheed Training Center until 1990 when he remarried and retired. His new wife was two feet shorter than he was, if that was possible. His former wife died from over doses of fluids. Remember John White? He worked in the same Training Center. Around 1989 he and his wife Shirley disappeared for a week. Neither showed at their work. The Cops finally found both of them murdered in the back of their van. It was parked about a mile away. The only way they found it was from a passerby walking. got a whiff of a not good smell. Their two boys were arrested for the two murders. I remember some pretty good partys at Gino's and Mickeys house also. They both are deceased.now. Thanks for the information about the antennas. I will now have them taken care of. When I first. Received your "E" mail, I sent it on to Vince and Joe Lobis. hang in there. I retired Lockheed after 36 years in 1997. I'm having a ball. I spend most of my time on a Space program patch and pin business and the rest of the time on the wonderful stock market. I currently live in San Jose. Keep healthy, Bob Siptrott.

Subj: Kodiak Date: 7/23/2001 2:56:33 PM Pacific Daylight Time From: dleyva@charter.net (dal) To: BubbaSip@aol.com (Bob Siptrott) Bob- Just found your website and its great. I see my old buddy Vince has already visited. However, on your layout picture, you have numbers 1 and 12 reversed. Number 1 is the Prelort and number 12 is the FPA. The FPA was in an inflatable dome and was a little taller than the Prelort. I spent a lot of time in both on my numerous trips to Kodiak in the 60's and 70's. By the way, someone mentioned Annette Tracking Station. I was never there but I know that their tracker was an upgraded Verlort which was dubbed Verlort II. It susequently ended up on Guam in 1965 when we initially installed the GTS. I remember once on one of my trips to Kodiak, I was invited to Gino Guerra's house for a party. Having no wheels I borrowed Sam McCauley's big old station wagon and off I went. Gino's parties usually lasted a while and I woke up the next morning still at Gino's and realized I had to get to work quick! Roaring up to the site the wagon skidded and I hit a big boulder, denting up the left rear panel pretty badly. I parked the car and while I was looking for Sam, he came out of Ops, hopped in his car and took off for town. You remember how dusty it would get on that road. Anyway, Sam was behind somebody and couldn't see too good because of the dust so when the road curved Sam didn't and he went off a hill. He told me later that he had it under control untill it rolled the third time. Luckily he wasn't hurt but the car was a total loss. I figured it wouldn't do any good to tell him I wrecked his car since you couldn't tell it anyway so I kept quiet. I did tell him when I ran into him at one of the TechRep Bashes sometime in the nineties and he forgave me after I bought him a few drinks. I also remember you guys always kept a bottle of Tanqueray Gin in the cooler at the Casa De except it wasn't Gin, it was everclear with just enough gin to give a little taste. First Martini is on the house you guys said. Ha!! If you got half way through the a second one you were lucky! I have a lot of good memories of that place. By the way I ran into Otto Wheeler in 1995 at Buckley when I was working there. I retired in March of 98 and we moved to a little village in Louisiana called Madisonville. It's just across the lake from New Orleans. We go in once in a while to the Casino or to have lunch in the French Quarter. Keep up the good work and say hello to old Joe Lopez (Joe Lobis). Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler

Subj: Hello again Vince. Date: 7/8/2001 9:20:51 AM Pacific Daylight Time From: BubbaSip To: vincecappelletti@prodigy.net (Vince Cappelletti) Hi Vince. Oh ya, I remember you very clearly and all the troops you mention. Those were the days. I thought that Rocky , only went on the bear hunt with Wayne Pearson and I. Rocky was scared shit-less when the bear charged us and he dropped his gun in the creek and started running. What happen was, I presented our hunting rules. We would abide them, only in a non emergency situation. The person who first saw the bear would get first shot. I saw the bear behind a fallen log scooping salmon out of the creek into the bank. We were walking down the middle of the creek when I spotted it. I waited until he went to the streams bank to eat his fish. He walked over to where the salmon was and he smelled us. I dropped my first turd about that time. He was on his hind legs bobbing his head back and forth trying to pick up on us. I shot him right thru the middle. I couldn't miss, He just stands there for a minute then starts walking towards the brush that was about 5 yards away. I get a side shot off. I knew I hit him again. He goes into the brush. I told everyone look for a tree to climb I think were Fxxxxx. I'm walking half backward, I spot the bear again, same place. Wayne shoots while I take bead and knocks my gun almost out of my hand, I missed. I have my last round in the chamber. Fe her he comes on the run towards us. I didn't think a heart shot was going to do it. I aimed for the throat, fired and I think I closed my eyes for a moment after that. He dropped six steps from me. Thats when turds 2 through 20 were released. My shorts were full. Wayne and Rocky were on the otherside of the creek when this happened. Rocky said no more of this sxxx. No, I didn't attend the reunion. I had medical problems at that time and couldn't. I'm retired Dec 1, 1997 after 36 years in the Satellite Support business SCF/SCN. I live in San Jose, Ca. I'm divorced single and having fun selling stuff over the Internet. All Space Program related. The name of the book I'm writing is titled (Palace of Kodiak Past.} Attached are two pictures. One is Kodiak leveled. It was taken by Joe Stevens, Dec.16, 2000. The other is the custom patch I had made to commemorate Kodiak Tracking Stations Memory. If you want one the are $7.00, which includes shipping. Please send me an E mail stating your request before sending money. I want to make sure I have some available Send payment to: Bob Siptrott 3033 Sierra Road San Jose. Ca. I'm going to add your E mail and my response to the KTS Guest Book.
Subj: Kodi Revisited Date: 7/8/2001 8:27:32 AM Pacific Daylight Time From: vincecappelletti@prodigy.net (Vince Cappelletti) To: bubbasip@aol.com (Bob Siptrott) Hi Bob, Just a short line as I just finished reading your guest-book, and it was a delightful read. - - - I was glad I did as I stumbled across the name of the guy that I had posted some photos to, Joe Stevens (the caretaker of the
Kodiak Military History Museum. I sent him all the photos that I found. - - - Del Leyva (formerly WDL and then Lockheed) tipped me to the "other" Kodiak site run by Joe, and I ended up posting a message to him about that site. Shortly after I received an e-mail from Ernie hopper's daughter (hate to say I've forgotten her name now, must be having one of those "Senior Moments". She wrote me @ my earlier e-mail address. Currently married, (maybe divorced!) and lives out on the Aleutian chain somewhere. She made mention that her parents ran the bar @ the Rendezvous, (or somewhere along the road to the site) for several years. Jeez I wish I had kept her e-mail address, but I'm sure that Joe Stevens might have some record of it. She also mentioned that several guys still live there in Kodiak City, like Bill Beatty - - - - Some of the photos I sent to Joe were of the line shack I lived in behind the Rendezvous; some were of another one of those bear-hunts on the other side of the island; (Rocky Shirayki was on that hunt as well) If I recall, there was only one bear bagged on that hunt, but if my memory serves me well it was a clean shot and the hunter shot it from a sitting position as the bear was approaching him in the stream bed. I really don't remember who it was that got it but it was a young lad. - - - - If you recall I was the DCM (Data Configuration Mgr.) there @ KODI from the spring of '66 through July '68. Prior to that I had made a number of visits up there as an Installation & Checkout team leader from Philco-WDL, installing ECP's. I had been going up there for a couple of years, but it was after the quake and Tsunami had pretty much destroyed the down-town area. - - - - At the time I had just married the former Millicent Meyer, and we lived in a line-shack behind the Rendezvous Bar there @ Middle Bay. We spent one winter there and she decided that was enough, and her mother needed her back in Evansville Indiana. While there she worked for Herb Long back in the their logistics/supply office. I completed the remainder of my tour there as a bachelor and shared a trailer with one of the CDC-engineers, darn it, I can't recall his name! (another senior moment!) - - - - - - Millie returned to Kodi mid-summer of '68, just before I transferred to INDI. She traveled through Europe with me all the way to INDI, and lasted about 4 or 5 months, seems she had a thing going with her former boyfriend back home and was anxious to leave. I managed to get a divorce from her and remained single for 15-years till I met a lovely German gal. We have been married 18-years now. - - - - - - I was posted to Brussels in ' 74 to open an office for WDL, as we were after NATO Business. We ended up pursuing the NATO-III Satellite and Ground Terminals Programs. We won both, and I ended up staying in Brussels for 23-years. I retired in Jan of '97 and Ursula and I settled here in SW Florida in Bonita Springs. - - - -- - I have always recalled my tour @ KODI with mixed feelings, a lot of them will always remain with me: glazed roads requiring chains on the front wheels for steering control; Solly's, The Ship, The hairdresser that was next to Solly's, who would cut guy's hair after closing-hours, Getting my worst sunburn ever on the black pumice beach there @ Chiniak Creek, 4-5-6 games where big-bucks changed hands, the Philippine Cooks, Snagging salmon and cooking them right there on the beach, wrapped in aluminum foil, carrying a side-arm when salmon fishing, Titus C. Hall who was site cmdr. during the latter part of my assignment. - - - - - To keep busy I bought one of the many VW's that was rolled off the road up there and stripped it and put an "Avenger" body on it. It was built by Fiberfab down in Santa Clara. -- - - - - - I had some pictures of that effort and think that I included those in the batch I sent to Joe Stevens. - - - - - I still hear from some of the folks that were there during the period I was there '66-'68. The Hagens (Gary & Kitty) Gary was the ICR, and took over after Varel Grimes left. Gary still lives in San Jose and you can reach him via e-mail : greybeeerd@aol.com Another guy I'm sure you recall is George Cauthern, He was in the FM/FM Section. I was in touch with he & Dottie, until just recently and lost his e-mail address via a crash. But They live at 987 Gina Court, in Oakdale, CA. 95361. We've exchanged Xmas cards and letters for several years. I'll have to call them to get their e-mail address again. - - - - - - By the way, did you attend that joint re-union @ the Hilton there in Sunnyvale last August? The Old Philco-Tech-Reps had a joint dinner with the former SCF guys? The SPO even sent along an O-6 to tell us that the SCF as we once knew it is still alive and well (though somewhat modified) I know for a fact that the dual station (at which I was Activation Manager) @ Buckley ANG Base in Aurora,CO. (just east of Denver) is still operational. In fact there are now five (5)-110' Radomes there. I put in both of those where FACC had the prime role ('72 & '73). Hughes already had two on site when we arrived, and later a 5th antenna and radome was installed. I haven't a clue who did that as I was out-of-the-loop in Europe. - - - - - I got a kick out of Lyle Burnham's inputs to the accuracy of the events as they transpired. I recall he was a well regarded member of the Lockheed staff running the ground station. Ross Opaugh was another name I recall. Chico Riverea was at the joint reunion as I saw him the next day @ the Tech-Rep picnic down in San Jose. I'm scratching my head to recall the other guy who had a long-wheel-base Toyota off-road vehicle. He was always there to help pull someone out of the ditch with his winch. In fact I'm sure he pulled me back onto the road at least once! Don Blacklock's name just popped up, and there's another name lingering, another Italian guy that worked for Lockheed, his name is on the tip of my tongue but eludes me for the moment. Dale Galloway was in the Philco supply room. John Pruitt's, name just popped up. He was also another of the Philco-Supply roon guys. I recall having downed a nice Buck on the way home one night, and having passed most of it to him and his family. - - - - - - I'll be getting in touch with the Cauthern's again soon, and I'll certainly tell George about your web-site. I'm sure he has a lot of memories as I recall he had that Cessna, and used to fly back and forth to the site rather than drive those 49-miles of bad road. It was what 8 or 9 miles straight across? - - - - - - That's about it from here for now, so I'll bring this to a close and wish you well in your efforts to compile a history of KODI's role during the cold war and many of the "recoveries" of film from the skies near Hawaii! - - - - - Best regards, Vince Cappelletti Bonita Springs, FL. [Ed. note: Ernie Hoppers phone number is 907-486-2938]
Subj: KTS Raydome Date: 4/23/2001 8:37:57 AM Pacific Daylight Time From: BubbaSip To: Warren.Pearce-contractor@jntf.osd.mil Hi Warren: Even though I was back in Sunnyvale at the time of both your stories, I sure heard about them. The one about the Traveling Wave Tube (TWT) in the ocean had people crying from laughter for days, it was so funny. I will ask Joe to post in the KTS Guest Book. Thanks again. Bob
Subj: KTS Radome Date: 4/23/2001 8:13:45 AM Pacific Daylight Time From:  Warren.Pearce-contractor@jntf.osd.mil (Pearce, Warren, CTR) To:    BubbaSip@aol.com ('BubbaSip@aol.com') Back in 1973, DVEH tasked Capt. Warren Pearce to see why the signal strength from "those satellites" had become weak and erratic at KTS. I got a TDY there with some of the Philco folk to inspect the radome. The "KTS BOQ" was nice and it was a really short walk to work. Also, the seating and "Stewardesses" on the C-141 were different! It seems that the KTS commander felt that the contractor the SCF had painting the antenna's styrofoam radome was charging way too much and he could save the AF a lot of $ by having a local person do it. Well, the local painter used an aluminum based paint. You can imagine what that did to the signal strength!! So he had the paint sanded off; however, the sanding took off the vinyl cover off the outside of the styrofoam. Now imagine, what styrofoam does in KTS' nice rainy climate. It wasn't long until "those" users started complaining about the weak signal strength again. We cut a couple of cores out of the bottom on the inside and watched the water drip out. Luckily, there was an old radome on Guam that was the same size. We flew it up to Elemendorf on a C-141 and then on a barge to Kodiak City. Since we were in a big hurry, I had an extra expense on the ECP for a bottle of Chives to get it unloaded in a hurry. We installed the new radome and all the problems were solved. A short time later, sadly, KTS was closed. Also, once their SGLS 10 kw TWT died and one had to be flown down from Elemdorf on a helicopter. Because it was so long, it was put in a sling under a helicopter. Well, when the helicopter arrived, the sling was empty. So if we need another TWT, there is one on the ocean bottom still waiting to be used. 
Subject: Nope, not Teeny, but close    Date:     4/20/2001 2:40:50 PM Pacific Daylight Time    From:     KWakef2156    To:     BubbaSip        Hi again Bob, This is actually her little bratty sister Kathy. Teeny (Melody) is however close by. I just left her house. She lives in Beverly Hills Florida and I am in Lecanto about 8 miles away. We are north of Tampa about 75 miles near Crystal River and Homasassa Springs.  Greg, the youngest of us kids is living in Orlando and Jimmy is in Salem Oregon.  As you're probably aware, Danny the oldest died in 1969 and Ricky, the next to oldest in 1971.  Gino died in Kodiak in 1979 or 80 and our mother Mickey died 5 years ago while in Arizona.     Starting with Melody, seems you mentioned her first, she is married, has 4 grown kids, two of whom are still in Kodiak.  Melody moved away from there about 8 years ago and came out here.  She's doing very well, about to open a bird shop while her husband Ed works alongside of Greg and my husband Lee. We own a construction company and do hotel renovations.     Greg is married, he and his wife Fran have three kids, the oldest being 7 I believe. They have a nice home over there and we get together with them frequently seems they are just over an hour away from us.     Jimmy and his wife Julie have two girls, the oldest is 12 now. They live in Salem and Jim is a principal of a large elementary school, while Julie is a teacher. They have been there for several years now. Mom lived there for about 8 years before she passed away.     Myself, I just moved here about 6 months ago. I lived in Washington state for 15 years with my husband and two kids. Lee retired in 96 from the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. We bought a motorhome and traveled the country for 5 years. Got sick of that so here we are. My oldest son, Jeff is 25 and works in Orlando doing some sort of construction to new homes while my daughter, Heyli 22 is married to a cop in Yuma Arizona and they have one child, Morgan who is two. What a cutey. Imagine, me a grandmother.     Some of the people I have been in contact with, other than my Uncle George and family is of course, Mike Malette who I email back and forth all the time. Liz Frizby who lived out there for a while and attended the school. David Honeywell who was also in school there and Marcy Myers to name a few. Bill Kirk I lost contact with a few years ago but he was in Ocean Shores, WA the last I heard.  Anyway, my last name is Wakefield now. Gino was my stepfather. Mickey of course my mother. I do remember you, but in all honesty wouldn't know you to see you today. Too many years ago.     As for the letter I wrote you, do with it what you like. I just thought you might get a kick out of it and I see I was right. That was my intent. Glad I could help make someone's day. Keep in touch Kathy
Subj:     What about all the kids.    Date:     4/20/2001 10:20:32 AM Pacific Daylight Time    From:     BubbaSip    To:     KWakef2156        Hi, I'm Bob Siptrott, I know you know that. I'm sitting here in amazement that Tina Guerra would even remember me, or care about writing me. Are you Tina? if not please let me know who you are. If you are I will tell stories about being in your Cabin with Mickey, Gino, George Lions and the Midget Mafia having a song fest, all the kids were there. That type of get together didn't make me so do home sick. My eyes are actually fogging up with sentiment. Incidently Mike Mallete has written me and I haven't posted it, because I haven't finished my response to it yet. "E" mails like yours is exactly what I want. What I might do with this letter and with your permission is incorporate your story in the short story section of my main material. I would label it Kodiak Tracking Station Children Experiences. Come up with something better and I will use. It won't get buried there, because after every new E mail comes in I send around to all that are on my KTS list. Have you read the Guest Book as of yet? My intention was in the KTS Web Site was not to let the KTS and it's family memories go untold. I just want to do my part. I had fun there and loved most of the people and midgets. What you have accomplished here with your E mail about subjects untouched by me is exactly what I intended to have happen. If you noticed in the book, there are many chapters and titles for stories related to the Kodiak Tracking Station and its People. I plan on finishing some of the first chapters soon. There will be many names of the past. I'm so glad you "E" mailed me. Please write soon and let me know who you are. Do you remember staying up with the kids and me all night at the Lu'au, (Pig Party)                  Thanks so much for making my day. Bob Siptrott
Subj:     What about all the kids??    Date:     4/20/2001 6:44:29 AM Pacific Daylight Time    From:     KWakef2156    To:     BubbaSip      Hi Bob, I went thru your site recently. Some very interesting material in there.  No mention of all the kids that were forced to watch all the antics of you so called adults who worked the tracking station. You know, the next generation. A handful of those kids I'm still in touch with today, although we only wish we could be called kids now. Some of us from that time wish we could call our kids, kids but in truth they are grown adults and were now watching their babies grow like good ol grandparents are supposed to do. Here are a few names that might ring a bell with you that I didn't see mentioned on your site could bring back some other memories for you. Ernie and Dottie Hopper, Gino and Mickey Guerra, George and Sandy Lyon, Bob and Rita Malette, Bill and Leatrice Kirk and Dee Hunt, just to name a few. Some of your readers surely remember them and the darling little kids they brought to Chiniak in the mid sixties. Myself I lived in town during the earthquake but moved into the quonset huts with my family directly after. I suppose at the time I thought living that way was some sort of a curse against my family or one of God's cruel jokes. However looking back on it today, I am thankful I was raised that way despite some of the hard times. The bonfires on the beach for the grunion runs each year, swimming in Chiniak Lake, fishing off the culverts at Chiniak beach, all of us kids sitting around a picnic table (our only table ) each morning with our mother home-schooling us, then later the little green school house we attended with Fred Zharoff as our teacher, (could tell some stories there) the ice skating at the lake and being pulled on skates and sleds by a Volkswagon that Bob (the pots right) Malette took out on the lake. Even had a bonfire right in the middle of the frozen lake that time. No fear for us Chiniak idiots. No brains either I guess. I remember one time Dottie and Ernie Hopper had a sick baby seal in an old bathtub they kept for about a month that they brought back to health. Not your every day pet. I recall my mother walking Chiniak beach and collecting little shells she made jewelry out of. I recall my grandfather walking down the beach suffering asthma trying to find a whole group of us kids that had wandered down the beach out of his sight. He thought we would all drown when the tide came in so he set out to save us but of course we had all climbed the cliff and in turn it was almost he that drowned as he couldn't make it back and he too had to climb the cliff. Not an easy task for us, let alone him. Boy did we pay later. I recall the bear that chased my two brothers out of Dee Hunts home out at Kalsin Bay back to the car. I also recall Dee Hunt allowing all of us to ride his horses there while all you grown ups had fun at the inn next door. We later moved from the quonset to milepost 16 but still attended school out there. Our Dad piled all us kids in a Volkswagon bus and drove us each morning until one day we finally got an actual schoolbus and moved to a new building and a new teacher. His name was Gilliam as I recall. I stayed in Chiniak school until part way thru the 8th grade and at that time David Honeywell and Steve Myers were the only other two in my grade. The moss tree forts we built, the plastic play houses on the beach, coleman or kerosene lanterns to read by, outhouses, sharing one tub for 6 kids, eating and canning salmon til you were sick, the weekend parties at our home with all the site guys there singing along to an accordian. George Lyon on his banjo. Lots of other stories of course. Thanks for letting me share some with you. Again, enjoyed reading your material.
Subj: Hello Mike Malette Date: 4/20/2001 12:05:15 PM Pacific Daylight Time From: BubbaSip To: Skins48 Hello Mike Mallete, Leader of the kiddies. It's been to long. Sorry about your Dad, I really like him. We always had a fun time together. I want to add your  E mail with the others on the KTS web site. I will edit the midget Mafia out of it. My life story is somewhere on the KTS web site or in the guest book. I wanted to do this for along time. If I hadn't been cruising the Kodiak web sites I wouldn't have come across Crusty Old Joe Stevens's Kodiak Military History Museum. He was looking for someone with material about the KTS. It happened I was looking for some place to land my material. Instead of going straight to short stories, Joe wanted a little more on the technical side. It took both of us to about 7 months to get where we are. It was activated first part of February this year. We are up to 40 messages in the Guest Book. I don't want the Kodiak Tracking Station and it's families' memories to ever die. I remember the people you wrote about, however didn't think about them much, out of sight out of mind. If you have photos to send you can e mail them to me. Or I will give you my address in an another e mail. We have about 15 KTS Humpers now that have written in about Kodiak. If you don't know, there is a guest book at the end of the Book.  Mike I'm interested in the photos you have and the Midget Mafia. Bob Siptrott
Subj: Slipknot Date: 4/13/2001 2:41:28 AM Pacific Daylight Time From: Skins48 To: BubbaSip Aloha Bob!!!! Mike Malette here, Bob's oldest son. I have been in contact with Dale Finlay lately and catching up on the goings on in Kodiak. I worked in the mess hall with Ron Hall and Ernie Hopper in the the late 60's. My Dad passed away last May of lung cancer in Wasilla. I found out that he was in bad shape so I flew up late in April to spend my last time with him. He could not talk very well but we drove around a lot in the valley and watched the geese and the sandhill cranes come in for the last time. We drank beer and watched his beloved Red Wings on TV. He was pretty deaf from the years in the power house and you could hear his tv for about a quarter mile thru the woods. It was very hard to say my Alohas to him when I had to go back to Hawaii, as I knew I would never see him again. Mom and my sisters were with him when he passed away and he did not suffer. I live in Hawaii now after 25 years in AK. I spent time on the WACS at Northeast Cape and KAL Creek. Worked in Anch for AK Industrial Hardware for 15 years. Met My 2nd wife there and Married. She is from Hawaii so when the mass exodus of 1989 occured we came here. I now work for Hardware Hawaii the No. 1 True Value in the USA, have two sons and have settled down to family life. I hear you are writing a book.... If you need any information on the Miget Mafia I believe I can be of some assistance as the statute of limitations has run out on some of our more infamous deeds. Nice to read your website I thank you for taking all your time to keep our memories alive. I will talk to you later as it is bedtime. I have some pictures of Woody, John Schumaker and Scootch, Ken Hansen, Ron Hall etc. If you want them I will send them. Take Care and Aloha                                                           Mike Malette
Date: 4/12/2001 4:59:33 PM Pacific Daylight Time From: jdledrew@nanosecond.com (Dennis Le Drew) To:   BubbaSip@aol.com (Bob Siptrott) Hi Bob Lyle's second letter relating what really happened during and after the quake, was excellent. For the record, I got to Kodi in November of 1964, well after the Good Friday quake, but during the time when you had to time your departures to and from town with the tides, and Tony Smaker didn't arrive until well after me. Although I can't remember, I know it couldn't have been until well into 1965. I know one thing for sure, he (Tony) didn't arrive until well after Augie (the arrival and installation of the CDC 160-A computers and associated data handling equipment, plus the new ground station). I thought Lyle's recall of that time was quite good. Dennis
Lyle Burnham's account of the "1964 Kodiak, Island Earthquake." I read Tony Smakers account of what he thought was transpiring at the Air Force Satellite Control Facility, Kodiak Tracking Station (KTS), during and surrounding the earthquake events. I regard the majority of his story, a Fictional Novel, not a true account of events, as he states many times. I Don't want Tony's fantasies to be recorded in time as an accurate history of the Kodiak Tracking Station. I will provide my comments. I'll only comment, at this time, about Quake events and statements. Tony mentioned the following occurred at the time of the Earthquake of March, 1964. These events were imprinted rather clearly in my memory. I was at the AFSCF Kodiak Tracking Station from the last days of 1959 until the end of 1968. I as a Satellite Operations Controller and Head of Operations, with some time spent down south in 63. Tony Smaker wasn't working at the Kodiak Tracking Station during the Earthquake, in fact he didn't work at Kodiak Tracking Station, until some time after the Earth Quake. Tony left Chiniak (KTS) the last of 62 or the first of 63 when Philco lost the technical contract to Lockheed Missiles and Space. At the time of the Quake I believe Tony was at the Tule Greenland Tracking Station with Philco, where he was fired. Later Tony hired on with Lockheed and came back to the Kodiak Tracking Station [KTS]. He worked in the Maintenance Program Document Control. The 1964 Alaskan Earth Quake was the largest in recorded history. It was recorded at about 8.5 on the Richter scale and lasted more than two minutes, Tony mentioned five seconds. Another subject, that isn't often mentioned, is during the next month and a half after the quake, there was more than 200 strong after shocks. Many with a magnitude of 6.4 on the Richter scale or better. [Considered to be very large quake in California.] These aftershocks caused many people to leave Kodiak for the Southland. Most of the quake damage and deaths were caused by the three tidal waves, [or more correctly, Tsunamis] which occurred during the first few hours after the quake. A Williwaw [a type of high wind] that occurs only in few places in world beside Kodiak] occurred two days after the quake destroying the fishing fleet because the quake/tidal wave caused the loss of the sea wall around the small boat harbor in Kodiak. The quake fault line ran NE-SW only about two miles east of the Kodiak Tracking Station. It caused the ground and beaches to dropped about 6 feet, wiping out the road to Kodiak. No road lasted until mid December of 64. Tony described the actions of Herb Long during and after the quake. Herb Long, a great KTS support manager, wasn't working at the site during the quake. The support contractor manger was a retired Navy Captain, whose name I, forget [Cruthers perhaps]. The contract manger and I went down and inspected the road as far as we could go, just a couple of hours after the quake. Herb Long came to the KTS Site with the post quake Emergency Contract. It had a management clause in it that was written in such a way that only Herb could qualify. The Air Force Commander at that time was Major Banister. Dixie Magee, who Tony mentioned was there during the quake, had died of a heart attack more than a year earlier. Another thing Tony said was that the Little Navy Station had been taken over by the AFSCF Kodiak Tracking Station, at the time of the quake. When in fact it was two years later in June, that this event had occurred. The bit that Tony stated about motor cycles after quake is wrong. An hour or so after the quake, Ross Ophaug and Bob Lowenberg and their wives, who had planed to camp down in Quonset area for the week end came to the site and told us of the horrible happening on the beach. By motorcycle, I inspected as far as I could go, which was only the first few miles of the road past Chiniak Creek. The tidal wave was still draining back out to sea. About a week after the quake, Chico Gentis, Fred Hicks and I were the first to attempt to get to Kodiak by road on motorcycles after making sure that we had a very low tide. My bike got brush in the chain and bent rear wheel support before we got to Kalsin Bay Inn. I turned back to the site with tire squealing. Chico & Fred continued on, fording streams and circling the tide flats at low tide to make it to Kodiak some seven hours later. Fred, Chico and a few others made a number of other trips by motorcycle to Kodiak after that. A month or so later, some of the Chiniak crew formed four wheel vehicle drive parties [usually with large low pressure tires & wrenches] they put temporary repairs in spots so they could travel back and forth to Kodiak which was only possible at very low tides. Groups usually of three or more would make the Chiniak-Kodiak trip at very low tide until the road opened for normal traffic in mid-December. The Kodiak and nearby Alaska area has the second largest tides in the world. [Kodiak's tides are very mild compared to Seldovia. Joe Stevens] Where in the world but Chiniak would you have to consult a tide table before you could drive home by vehicle. Some road trips I remember took place after midnight to take advantage of the tide. The only aircraft, which was kept at Chiniak when the quake occurred was Chuck Rensuvald's Cessna 170 which, was put to good use after the quake. I purchased a Piper PA12 Super Cruiser several weeks after the quake so I could get around. Dick Monnell bought a Seabee amphibian later. The day after the quake the families of site personnel living in Kodiak, plus some Kodiak residents, were moved to the site by Kodiak Airways & the other bush pilot companies for about a week until power and some phones were restored in Kodiak. Site personnel were transported back and forth by contract aircraft until the road was restored in December. Navy small boats or aircraft brought in supplies. Tony made reference to his operating ham equipment on the site the night of the quake, wrong. Leroy Witlatch was the ham at the site that had his ham rig going after quake and in contact with Walt O'Neil in town. After I had inspected the road as far as I could go I talked to Connell and Bannister through Witlatch and O'Neil ham rigs and told what I had found. I relieved Witlatch on his Ham rig for short periods during the first night. I was then, and still am a ham (call W7QE) but I did only a little hamming while at Chiniak. Ham Radio and CB radio was the only communications we had with the city of Kodiak for several days after quake however we had our normal phone lines to the Satellite Test Center (STC) Sunnyvale, California. Communications was back in operation some twenty minutes after the quake. We handled several hundred messages from Kodiak residents to their friends and relatives in Southland since there wasn't any phone lines out of Kodiak. The messages were brought by plane from Kodiak to Chiniak then keyed on our teletype circuits to Sunnyvale, CA, some also went out by Witlach's ham radio. Witlatch manned his radio several days almost continuously until he almost dropped. These are the sequence of events on quake day as they happened to me. We had just finished a bird's {satellite operations, there weren't any operations scheduled for some time. There had been several comments on what an unusual beautiful quiet serene day it was. It was after work on Good Friday about 5:30. Most of the brown baggers (Married KTS people that lived in Kodiak) and others, had left the site and were on their way to Kodiak when the quake struck. Therefore there was relatively few people left on site. A few set out for Kodiak [51 miles] immediately after the quake but none made it all the way to town before the tidal wave struck several ended up staying at the Rendezvous for several days. At Quake time I was in the Casa De Toro and had just rolled very good liars dice hand when the building started shaking violently. When everyone started running outside, I was yelling "come back," I didn't say that for long, everyone was blocking the exit when I got to the door. I was saying "Get out of the way." When I went outside the Casa De Toro, the ground had small waves in it like the ocean and cracks were opening and closing. There were a couple of cracks that must have been almost a foot wide and deep. When the cracks would suddenly close, sand -dirt would be blown many feet high. Anther problem was, we were standing next to the cliff that supported the Verlort radar tower and the dome was waving violently, while some rocks were coming off the cliff and rolling down on us. To stand, it was necessary to keep your legs well apart while looking for cracks. That was a very long two plus minutes. On a humorous note, our Casa De Toro bartender, a consciences AF Sergeant [name forgotten] had stayed in the bar during quake and had run up and down the bar pushing the bottles back on shelf as they were about to fall off. He was very apologetic for letting a half full one fall. That was a good thing because we needed a drink after that. When the quake occurred, the power went off due to a broken diesel fuel line, which shut off communications with the outside world but fortunately power was back on in about 20 or 30 minutes. As soon as power came back I was on the phone answering a call from a woman judge in Kodiak warning me about possible tidal waves. I was saying the tidal wave was probably over. During the quake I had seen waves throwing logs weighing several tons. They were being hurled over the 100-foot plus cliffs along the ocean below the site. How wrong I was. Then she begins screaming and there were other strange noises on line and it went dead. The tidal wave had destroyed the telephone building in Kodiak and it was almost a month before normal telephone service was restored. The Tracking station itself was relatively undamaged, however our supply storeroom was a mess. The unique thing I found after the quake was how everyone worked together to get things accomplished. The brotherhood of man was highly demonstrated after the Quake. Lyle
Subj:     Hello, Pat and Frank     Date:     3/26/2001 11:38:28 AM Pacific Standard Time    From:     BubbaSip    To:     pfstelwagon@earthlink.net    Hi Pat and Frank:                                     3.'26.'2001 Wow this Kodiak adventure I created sure is fun. Welcome aboard, The KTS hump list is growing. See the KTS Guest Book for explanation for the name I made up for the group. Give it a few seconds to load.   http://linux.kib.co.kodiak.ak.us/kmxt/af_track/bob.html Scroll to the end, for the guest book This site shows The kodiak Tacking Station Leveled. Double click the picture to make it bigger. http://www.kadiak.org/af_track/2000_pan_3-.jpg I will be incorporating your original 'E' mail to me, along with my response, in The KITS Guest Book. I recently joined the Air Force Space Operations Association. It is made up of people that work and worked The Air Force Satellite Control Facility and later changed to Network. You might be interested. See their Web Site . There is an application on the Site. If you join, I would appreciate if you used me as your referral. Thanks It has been a long time since I have seen or talked to either one of you. I'm divorced of 12 years. Judy lives and works in Rainier Oregon. She lives with her aging mother. I talk to her about once a month as I do most of my kids. Robin is married, has a 14 year old, Super husband and lives in Sacramento Cal. Lori has two children, a boy 10 and a girl 13, Super Husband, and live in Fremont California. Jonnie the youngest 34, recently married a Super Lady and have no children. They live in Holster, soon to move to Sacramento where they bought a new house. Michael is married to a real nice woman, has 1 boy, age 5 and they live in Spokane Washington. I was at the Kodiak Tracking Station from June 1963 through June 1972. I recently received from a friend of mine that lives in Kodiak, a VHS 30 min. tour of the Kodiak Side of the island. This might save me a trip. Just received an E mail from Lyle Burnham. He gave me Ed Chavaud's "E" mail. I will write to him shortly.  Thanks for writing. Comeback at me with some of the things you have been upto since you left the best place in the world. Your Friend always, Bob Siptrott.
Subj:     Kodi    Date:     3/23/2001 8:08:59 PM Pacific Standard Time    From:     pfstelwagon@earthlink.net (Frank Stelwagon) To:    BubbaSip@aol.com Bob,   The Web Site is great.  I can answer the question about the Dome on the roof.  It contained the VHF and UHF Command helix antennas.  Don't remember when they were put up there.  Keep saying that the wife and I are going to go back up there but haven't made it yet.  I was there from December of 1965 to July of 72.   Looked for you at the Tech Rep reunion last summer but only found Chico, Hixon and Dennis, was great talking to them.   The wife and I went up to Ed and Glorias 50th wedding anniversy in late December, Ed and Gloria look great.   Say hi to everybody and put me on the list.   Frank and Pat Stelwagon pfstelwagon@earthlink.net  
Subj: Hello Lyle Burnham! Date: 3/14/2001 2:10:26 PM Pacific Standard Time From: BubbaSip To: lburnha@attglobal.net (Lyle Burnham) Hello Lyle Burnham. Man oh Man, do you bring back memories.  3.14.2001 Did you realize that you went insane for a brief periods of time? Remember when you had your green bomber of an airplane. If you don't, I sure the frig do. You gave me the biggest fright of my life. Caused me to become impotent for a month. The incident I will be mentioning, happen after someone, with Ron Ludwig, were practicing touch and goes on a frozen lake. They finally augured in and lost the aircraft. Fortunately no one was injured yet. Can you believe the two fools were on the other side of the island in the mountains when this occurred. The reason I call them fools is they did not let anyone know they left the station, let alone where they were going. I don't know who the pilot was. I don't think it was Sky Chuck. (Chuck Rensvolt.) Who ever it was, had the fleet moments of craziness that other's had or were catching. It took those guys two days to walk out. Of course no one carried radios in their planes, cause I think it was because the pilots around there thought they weren't invented yet. All I know is, one afternoon I went on a plane ride with you to the other side of the island. Everything was normal until you told me your going to do touch and goes on the Friggen beach. No Lyle lets go home. Well, here we go, dodging driftwood during the event. You finally had to land because there was too much driftwood and you couldn't pull up, Frigg me. Now the tide was coming in and we had to clear 49 acres of dead stuff to make a runway. Oh goody, now we have to wait until the tide goes out and their is some beach to lift off from. Thank God it was in the afternoon and we still had light for a while. Tell me the truth, did you tell anyone we left and where we were going? Never mine, I really think I don't want to know I'm going to incorporate this letter of response and your original letter to the Guest Book; Kodiak Tracking Station Web Site is at: http://www.kadiak.org/af_track/bob.html Scroll to the end for the Guest Book. Photos showing KTS leveled are at: http://www.kadiak.org/af_track/2000_pan_3-.jpg I remember the bear hunt. Rocky Shiraki, Wayne Person and myself were in one party. Your hunting party was Dave Gingrich, Hal Halcomb, Leroy Maybarry and yourself, (Lyle Burnham). The bear picture that was in the Lockheed Star is my chapter 9 in the Book. I remember telling Hal Halcomb that he came back with the evidence the bear he shot was so small it would fit in a size 9 shoe box. The dam bear still had its mother's teat between it's teeth. Yes, I do remember you coming down to our hunting camp bringing B-52 class misquotes with you. I remember explaining to you why in all this high brush we found a long bear spot. (I didn't misspell the word.) We found this spot when we were looking for a place to camp after we unloaded the plane. We couldn't believe this spot was there. We found out the next friggen morning why it was there. We were in our sleeping bags when a bear went through our food stuff the next morning. I heard Rocky and Wayne yelling something. I didn't want to say much because I could see the bear out the flap of my tent.  I couldn't unzip my sleeping bag. My rifle was in there with me. Good thing I brought extra shorts. We were camped on a bear trail!! I sure would like to know were easy Ed Chavaud is. Both Ed and I were responsible for adding several points each week to the wine industry stock market. We called Ed easy because he was easy to get along with sober. When he was flying on the sauce, he would sit there and smile. Take his bottle away and he would make a loud noise. Super nice to hear from you Lyle. kick the bushes for more old timers to join us.                                              Bob Siptrott
Subj: You have a good site Date: 3/13/2001 2:08:53 AM Pacific Standard Time From:  lburnha@attglobal.net (Lyle Burnham) To:    BubbaSip@aol.com (Bob Siptrott) Hi  Bob   Lyle Burnham here, it's been so many years since we have seen each other that it is difficult to comprehend. I was looking at the material you put on the Kodiak web site and wanted to congratulate you on it's fine quality. It brought back memories that I thought I'd forgotten. Most of the stuff that Tony put on the internet was vast exaggeration or outright lies. The things he said about the earthquake events especially. Tony wasn't even on site during the earthquake, he left KTS when Philico lost the contract and came back with Lockheed after the Quake. There's something unique that I remembered after reading your material and wondered if you remembered it also. When you shot your Kodiak bear we were camped a few miles further up the Bay. I had jumped in the boat and came down to your camp while you were salting your bear and trying to avoid the vast hordes of bugs that wanted the bear. We discovered that if we went out in the tall 6 foot grass the bugs would form a cloud near the top of the grass and wouldn't fly lower in the grass so we sat down in the grass and proceeded to celebrate your bear with your ample supply of good cheer. The only problem as the day warmed up the bug hordes, which sounded like fleets of bombers, got lower and lower until we had to actually lay on the ground and pass the good cheer thru holes in the grass, when that didn't work anymore I jumped in boat and went to home camp. We got a couple of bears the next day. I have the large bear in the Star photo hanging on my wall. I left the STC in 70 and came back to Idaho. I just stayed in Idaho for what I thought would be a few months or a year but bought a farm and accumulated so much junk that it's actually got more complicated than that. I remained in contact with Ed Chauvaud and later Don Austring until last year when a good many KTS'ers showed up on the internet. Now that I'm semi retired a lot of the Kodiak memories pop back. It was a unique place to be and work. The Esprit de corps or whatever and can do KTS spirit was different than any other place I worked. The attitude of the people that stayed after the quake was something rarely found. Although we couldn't talk about the job we knew that we were part of events that were important and hadn't been accomplished before. Lyle
Subj: Re.Membership and Dome. Date: 3/14/2001 6:45:05 PM Pacific Standard Time From: BubbaSip To: rophaug@qwestinternet.net Hi Ross: I left in June 1972 and I don't remember that dome being there either. Both your original letter and this response letter will be posted in the Guest Book. Thanks for joining AFSOA. Let's put the question you have about the Dome to our viewers. If anyone has information leading to the Dome's residency on the main building please "E" mail bubbasip@aol.com. I will relay it to Ross and also post that information in the Guest Book. Bob
Subj: AFSOA Date: 3/14/2001 5:00:06 PM Pacific Standard Time From: rophaug@qwestinternet.net (Ross Ophaug) To: BubbaSip@aol.com (Bob Siptrott) Bob, I was happy to hear about the AFSOA and have sent in my membership application listing you as the recruiter. On the pictures I have seen of Chiniak, there is a dome on top of the main building. Is my memory failing or was that put there after I left? I just do not recall it being there. Ross Ophaug
Subj: New KTS HUMPS + Explanations. Date: 3/14/2001 8:10:25 AM Pacific Standard Time From: BubbaSip To: WL7AML@ARRL.NET (Joe Stevens), Warren.Pearce-contractor@jntf.osd.mil (Pearce,Warren,CTR), jdledrew@nanosecond.com (Dennis Le Drew), jpl@digital-star.com (Joe P Lobis), RWoll@scitor.com (Woll,Ron), cdgo@earthlink.net (Wayne Pearson), Turcoje, ae_gj@fidalgo.net (Ed & Gloria Norris), brookman@alaska.net (Gerald R Brookman), Charlie.Green@ONIZUKA.AF.MIL (Charlie Green), Jeanne LTOC, lburnha@attglobal.net (Lyle Burnham) CC: nelson07@pacbell.net (nelsoncj) BCC: STEVEGU 3.13.2001 Hi all: KTS Humps, and now I guess, Humpette. (I am bad, just plain bad) Before I get Started with the below, I want to inform all of you what I'm up to. I really have to apologize to Crusty Ole Joe Stevens. Joe Stevens is the Director of the Kodiak Military History Museum. Without whom, my material would not be available to any one. I wouldn't even have been able to write and assemble the material displayed on the KTS Web Site. See Joe's huge Central Web Site at kadiak.org. He has his own home page, woven into the central Site. For this, I just made him an Honorary Kodiak Tracking Station Hump. Hi Crust man!(Joe Stevens) For the new Troops: The reason I named a group, and especially this name for the group is: I wanted to refer to the troops with some kind of name. These are the special people that is making my life now enjoy two ingredients. I have eaten my cake, now I have the frosting to go with it. Memories, oh what memories. Hump does not stand for the nickname of a species of Salmon, most of us have enjoyed at the other end of a wine bottle. Isn't that right Lyle, Ross, Charlie and Wayne? Hump is short for the down right Humping (busting ass), almost all the KTS troops endured during the performance of their duties. The KTS people always displayed "Esprit de corps" The people/personnel at the Kodak Tracking Stations, are a breed apart. I almost wish I hadn't started this project. Now I have a friggen handkerchief dry cleaning bill. Yes, I get moist a lot, hearing from all you precious people. Newly acquired members of the KTS Hump Group. WELCOME ABOARD: Jeanne Gehrung, Satellite Control Facility Satellite Test Center Administrator for the Three Lockheed Remote Tracking Stations. She was called by many our "KTS Sweetheart." Lyle Burnham: KTS Operations Controller. See recent posting in the KTS Guest Book for that explanation Between page 27 and 31. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Patches are being manufactured with the following text on them. ...Air Force Satellite Control Facility.....Kodiak Tracking Station....1958 - 1975..... Kodiak Alaska..... I have seen it! means you have worked or visited KTS. Also if you have seen the KTS Web Site and haven't worked there but have worked else where in the SCF. In the center will be computer art work of the station from the air. Just like the one on the KTS Web Site. These Patches will be available for current and future members of this group. I hope they will be under $5.00 -------------------------------------------------------------- Current up to date roster. KTS HUMP GROUP WL7AML@ARRL.NET (Joe Stevens), STEVEGU@aol.com (Steve Gurican), Warren.Pearce-contractor@jntf.osd.mil (Pearce,Warren,CTR), jdledrew@nanosecond.com (Dennis Le Drew), jpl@digital-star.com (Joe P Lobis), RWoll@scitor.com (Woll,Ron), cdgo@earthlink.net (Wayne Pearson), Turcoje@aol.com (John Turco), ae_gj@fidalgo.net (Ed & Gloria Norris), mykowalsky@aol.com (Mike Mykowalsky), rophaug@qwestinternet.net, (Ross Ophaug), brookman@alaska.net (Gerald R Brookman), Charlie.Green@ONIZUKA.AF.MIL (Charlie Green), JeanneLTOC@aol.com ( Jeanne Gehrung), lburnha@attglobal.net (Lyle Burnham)
Subj: Hello again Date: 3/13/2001 4:11:54 PM Pacific Standard Time From: Jeanne LTOC To: BubbaSip Was able to bring up the web site - sure brought back a lot of memories of people like Dennis LeDrew, Ron Woll and others. The picture of you with the bear was terrific Bob. Thank you for the nice words you had for me. I loved all you guys at Kodi and was happy to do whatever I could to help you all out. Not to mention the good salmon..... Thanks again Bob - take care and keep me posted on developments regarding Kodi. I am sure Bart is looking down on us and wishing us all the best. Take care Jeanne Gehrung
Subj: Re: I remember you. Date: 3/12/2001 3:36:43 PM Pacific Standard Time From: Jeanne LTOC To: BubbaSip So good to hear from you - yes it was a long time ago that I saw you at Lucky's. I am still working for a doctor - 8 yrs now. I tried to log on to your web site but it wouldn't connect. I will try again later. Wanted to see the pix of you and your bear. Yes Bart would be suprised at all of us. I think of him often - he was a great boss to work for. John was too for that matter. Actually, John was responsible for my finally getting promoted to Sr. Administrator after Fred Manning left. Don't know what happened to Fred - have not heard in years. So many of our old buddies are gone - time seems to take it's toll doesn't it? Are you still having medical problems? I know you were having trouble at one time. Guess that comes with age..... I will try again to reach your web site. By all means put me in your book. Kodiak was a big part of my life at the STC for quite a few years. I remember when we had to phase out - that was a sad day. Take care Bob Jeanne
Subj: I remember you. Date: 3/12/2001 12:05:57 PM Pacific Standard Time From: BubbaSip To: Jeanne LTOC Hello Jeanne: So nice of you to brighten this young man's day. I have one source of light into my room, now with your "E" mail, I have two. The last time I saw you, was in the Lucky Store along time ago. How the hell are you? John tells me you're still working in a doctor office or is it a dentist office? Doesn't make a difference. They're both expensive. I don't know if John has told you. I wrote a book about Kodiak and the STC Operations of the sixties. It is about 80 pages long. In the center of that book, I reserved an area for my short stories about the Tracking Station. There is one short story there already. I will have two more in a month, maybe more. I have a guest book that is at the end of my book. Several people have "E" mailed me as having seen my book site. I respond to all. I would like you to respond to my web site. I will respond to your E mail. Both E mails will be posted in that guest book for the world to see. I have E mailed back and forth with people I haven't seen in 30 or 35 years. My Web site is: http://linux.kib.co.kodiak.ak.us/kmxt/af_track/bob.html or http://www.kadiak.org/af_track/bob.html Takes a few seconds to load the picture of the polar bear and me in front of the station. Don't forget to visit our guest book. Thanks again Joe Stevens. The best day's of my life were the Bart Morgan, Jeanie Gehrung, Bob Siptrott days. That's when working was fun. I didn't know John Turco as of yet. When I have enough time, I will tell you the story about why I was down at the STC looking for a Job in 1972. Remember you had to baby sit me for a while. I would like to add your name to the Satellite Control Facility (SCF) Rangers group list. That's my group name for the ones that E mail me and have worked in the SCF, not just Kodiak. I recently sent the art work to the Patchman for 100 "Kodak Tracking Station Patches" to be made. They will be available to our group only. Check my KTS Web Site out and E mail me. Friend always. If Bart could see me know, he would SxxT Bob
Subj: Hi Bob Date: 3/12/2001 10:56:35 AM Pacific Standard Time From: Jeanne LTOC To: BubbaSip Jeanne here, the old Administrator. So good that you are putting together a piece on Kodi. I remember it well especially the earthquake. I used to love it when the guys would bring me salmon..yum yum. I have many fond memories of the guys at Kodi and the good old days at the STC. I see John Turco, Roger Heinsohn and Carl Malberg as often as possible. We have lunch and reminisce. Hope all is well with you Bob - keep me posted on the Kodi venture. My e-mail address is jeanneLTOC@AOL.com Jeanne Gehrung
Editor's Note: Jeanne Gehrung was one of the Sunnyvale Test Center's Adminstrators. She and one other were in charge of moving LMSC personnel to and from the Kodiak Tracking Station (KTS.) Everyone would stop and see Jeanne, whether going or returning from KTS. Most of the time bearing gifts from the Northland. She was KTS's Sweetheart. She was actually performing a more needed function than Management. Can't get me now, I'm retired and hide fast. She brought tears to my eyes when she wrote me these E mails today. ***** Welcome aboard Jeanne Gehrung. Bart Morgan, where ever you are, look at her now. Jeanne says, "One for the Giffer."If you "E' Mail me, something isn't right. ***** Her E mail is available and I'm sure would like to hear from all of you.
Subj: Thanks sooooooo much. Date: 3/6/2001 3:43:39 AM Pacific Standard Time From: BubbaSip To: Turcoje Hi, John 3. 07. 2001 I had to get Dennis La Drew's response out, This gave me enough time to fill out my AIR FORCE SPACE OPERATION ASSOCIATION (AFSOA) application, and drive to the Post Office to mail it before I responded to your "E" mail like I planned. WOW, this venture with the KTS Web Material and all the nice letters and then the two super nice ones from you and Dennis almost make me look like I'm paying you guys to write this material. Talk about someone having their cake and eating it also, look at me, looks like I do. Am I bragging? You BETCHA. In my response to Dennis, I did mention that you had sent an "E" mail mentioning AFSOA. I did say I had joined from your information from going to the AFSOA Web Site. http://home.earthlink.net/~twn/afsoa/afsoahome.html On my application I put you down as my referral. Thanks much John. Bob
Subj: Your KTS Web Site Date: 3/5/2001 8:32:39 PM Pacific Standard Time From: Turcoje To: BubbaSip Bob- you have done a great job and service to all who remember satellite operations from the very dawn of non augie supports. Remembering the past is good for all of us old RTS types. Seeing the names of former controllers and station personnel is a kick; I've retraced my days of years past from NHS to VTS and on to STC. I'm sure others will do the same after reading your episodes. Keep up the great work! Suggest you consider joining AFSOA and share some episodes with other SATOPS types via AFSOA Downlink. By the way I've already received emails from Dennis LeDrew and Steve Gurgin; they got my address from your guest book. I've sent the KTS web site to Don Hopper and also to Bob Bentley; will send it on to others as like Tom Cline and John Hagen ; but the Downlink will get to many more. Regards John Turco
Subj: Response to Dennis La Drew Date: 3/6/2001 2:44:09 AM Pacific Standard Time From: BubbaSip To: jdledrew@nanosecond.com (Dennis Le Drew) Hi Dennis 3.07.2001 I'm still in a Daze and moist from all the very nice words you mention about me. What can I say other than thank you very much!! How about mentioning to Chico, Astring, and Burnham we are about to go big time. Look for the "E" mail John Turcoe wrote me about the KTS Web Site. I'll send you a copy. He mentioned the AIR FORCE SPACE OPERATION ASSOCIATION (AFSOA) Web Site: http://home.earthlink.net/~twn/afsoa/afsoahome.html I looked at it and decided this is something I want to be part of. We are going to link two Kodiak Sites to AFSOA (1) Kodiak Military Historical Society. Web Site: kadiak.org (Kodiak) is not misspelled. This the way their History spells it. (2) AIR FORCE SATELLITE CONTROL FACILITY KODAK TRACKING STATION Web Site: http://linux.kib.co.kodiak.ak.us/kmxt/af_track/bob.html > Scroll to the end until you see the Guest Book, when you are looking for it. John Turcoe sent me an "E" mail on the 6th of this month. He was recommending the mention AFSOA site. I haven't responded to him yet for two reasons. (1) Your Response came first. (2) I didn't want to respond to John's letter until my application was in the mail and it is. Applications are on the AFSOA Web Site, with much other neat stuff. Note: If anyone joins the AIR FORCE SPACE OPERATIONS ASSOCIATION from their exposure to the KTS Web Site, I would like to be referenced on your application as your referral. I don't receive anything out of it, but a Warm Glow. Have fun with this site everyone. Bob
Subj: Great Stuff Date: 3/4/2001 8:43:32 PM Pacific Standard Time From: jdledrew@nanosecond.com (Dennis Le Drew) To: BubbaSip@aol.com (Bob Siptrott) Bob, I just took some time to return to the web site and all I can say is Great Stuff! Obviously, you have been spending a lot of time and effort on it. Before I went back to Australia in 1984, there was a buzz word quite current with Aerospace Corp. people, to wit "Corporate Memory". All the things you have pulled together to describe the makeup of a station, the way it communicated with the STC, and in particular, the Corona stuff (I'm still amazed at the fact that it was declassified) will provide a hard copy record for the future. A real service, without question, and a service that wouldn't have been possible in the absence of a "Corporate Memory"! There are of course, thousands and thousands of stories from each of the network stations, but the best I think, all emanated from the more remote ones like Kodi, Indi, Pogo and I'm sure, after my time in the network, Diego Garcia. Just off the top of my head, I can remember when the Flat Plane Array (FPA) azimuth drive assembly was out at Kodi and we actually had people (Pogues, yes, I remember that expression well) pull the antenna around with ropes to support satellite passes. And that was one of the things we did when we were all sober! You will be getting justifiable pleasure from the emails you receive, especially from people you dredge up out of your memory from the glory days at Kodi. In the absence of anyone else either old enough to remember or lucky enough to have looked at your site, I hereby bestow on you an SCF ATTABOY award! Dennis Le Drew
Subj: Kodiak Tracking Station Date: 3/3/2001 7:27:07 AM Pacific Standard Time From: BubbaSip To: brookman@alaska.net (Gerald R. Brookman) Hi Jerry: 2.3.2001 Nice to hear from you. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us and the world. You now have been inducted into the Kodiak Tracking Station Hump list I keep. As soon as I update it I will send it to you. The KTS Hump List is explained in the KTS Guest book, which is at the end of the Tracking Station material. I will ask Joe Stevens, Manager of the KTS Web Site to add your letter and my response to the Guest Book. Your comment about Annette Island, near Ketchikan being added. These are the reasons. I wasn't aware Kodiak had anything to do with that facility. I was writing about Satellite Control Facilities of the sixties. Next I haven't the faintest idea what they did. I can't add it to the facilities description. I did know Charlie Peek. He was there in the 1963 - 64 time range. Charlie and I used to ride motors together, zoom, zoom. He had a MOPED and I had a Honda 55cc. The Honda used to kill me every day, mine bucked a lot. Bob Note to the readers: Once your "E" mail makes the KTS Guest book, you're in the window for the world to see. Bob
Subj: Chiniak Tracking Station Guest Book Date: 3/2/2001 5:18:41 PM Pacific Standard Time From: brookman@alaska.net (Gerald R. Brookman) To: BubbaSip@aol.com Hi- I just noticed your Chiniak Tracking Station Web Site information, it's interesting! I'll have to read all the short stories as time permits. I was in the crew that manned up there, as near as I can recall it was September, the year was 1958; I worked for Philco, the major contractor was Lockheed Missile and Space Division (MSD) and the service contractor was Budson. I left just after the recovery of Discoverer 13. I just recently read the book, THE CORONA PROJECT, and found it very interesting. I did shoot a Kodiak Brown Bear when I was there, it measured just under 9 feet. Used a Winchester .338 Magnum. It worked real good. Four years later I used it on another one, about same size, neither of them moved at all after the first shot, except the first one wasn't killed immediately and I had to shoot it again. You did leave one thing out, when you were showing the world wide tracking system. in the first year or so, there was also a tracking station at Annette Island, near Ketchikan. Don't remember when they closed it down but it was while I was at Chiniak, between 9/'58 and 8/'60. After I left Chiniak I went to work at LMSD. Later known as Lockheed Missiles & Space Company (LMSC), in the final checkout of Agenas, started there in Sept. or Oct. of '60 and left there 1/31/'62 to go to work for the FAA as a Radar Technician; spent four years at Fire Island, 12 in Anchorage, and 12 in Kenai, retired 11/30/'90. I'd be interested to hear from anyone else who has worked at the Site; I've met a couple in this area: Bill Glynn and another fellow whose name escapes me, he was working for the outfit that maintained the microwave and satellite links that replaced White Alice here. Also, Charlie Peek, with whom I worked at Sunnyvale, and who later came to Chiniak in the early '60s; I recall he was there during the '64 earthquake. Jerry Brookman 715 Muir Avenue Kenai, Alaska 99611-8816 PHONE; 907-283-9329 FAX: 907-283-7180 e-mail: brookman@alaska.net
Subj: News Date: 3/1/2001 6:08:26 PM Pacific Standard Time From: rophaug@qwestinternet.net (Ross Ophaug) To: BubbaSip@aol.com (Bob Siptrott) Dear Bob, I left Kodiak in March 1969 and shortly after I was back in Sunnyvale, I was contacted by Hughes Aircraft for a job in the Denver area. I took that job and worked in El Segundo for a year and then moved to Colorado. I worked for Hughes at the Buckley Air National Guard Base in Colorado (now an Air Force Station) until December 1989 when they offered me a good early retirement package. I took that and went across the hall to work for Boeing in February 1990. I stayed with Boeing until June 1999 when I retired for good. Marion got ill in December 1991 when we were visiting my son Brian and family in California. We left for home after Christmas and when we got to Las Vegas she took a turn for the worse and had to be hospitalized. She was there for seven weeks and then transferred to Denver and was in the hospital in Denver for one week and then passed away on February 20, 1992. The doctors never did figure out what she had except that it must have been some kind of virus that tore up her lungs and other organs. In July 1993 at a school reunion in North Dakota, I met Edith (Edie) Torfin and in July 1994 we were married. She had been living in Texas but was originally from the same town in North Dakota that I was from. She has three children living in Texas and one in Colorado Springs. She has six grandchildren and I have six so plenty of birthdays to keep track of. Brian has been back in Colorado since 1993 and is now the accountant for Haselden Construction. They are quite a large company and do business in various parts of the state. Brian and his wife Kim have three boys and one girl and live in Lakewood, Colorado which is about 25 minutes away from us. My other son Brad went to work for American Airlines after he finished college so we did a lot of low cost traveling starting with visiting him in Puerto Rico when he was stationed there in 1986. Brad graduated form law school in December in Davie, Florida (north of Miami) so we were down there for the ceremony. Brad, his wife Bonnie and two daughters are moving to Pennsylvania so he just took the bar exam there and hopes to work in the Pittsburgh area. We just got back from Arizona last week. We had spent a month down there in the warm weather. We visited with many people including Anita Lowenberg Hinsch. Anita and Bob Lowenberg got divorced in 1979 and Anita moved to Colorado for a short time and then to Arizona in 1980. She married Bill Hinsch about 13 years ago. We still talk about the old days in Kodiak. Bob Lowenberg died a few years ago from what I believe was a heart attack. Danny Lowenberg was killed by an accidental gun shot in the late 70's while they were living in Wisconsin. Don and Karen Lowenberg both live in Arizona near Anita. Otto Wheeler lives and works in Colorado but plans on returning to the Seattle area when he retires. I should have his address if you want me to send it. I got a number of E-mail addresses from Dennis Le Drew but probably don't have them all so would appreciate if you send the whole list. Ross Ophaug
Subj: KTS, The Good Ole Days. Date: 3/1/2001 9:40:58 AM Pacific Standard Time From: BubbaSip To: rophaug@qwestinternet.net (Ross Ophaug) Hi Ross, I left Kodiak Tracking Station May 1, 1972, and took a month off to drive down the ALCAN Highway and find a place to live before going back to work for Lockheed. I worked several programs, from June 1972 through 1980 all at once in the same complex, GPS, VELA and DSP. Transferred to the Space Shuttle program in early 1980, Divorced in 1988, transferred to training in 1988 and retired December 1, 1997. almost 36 years with the outfit. Started a small Space Shuttle memorabilia business, in 1981 after the first Flight of the Space Shuttle and still mess with it occasionally from my house. It took Joe Stevens and I, 6 to 7 months to put the material together for the KTS Web Site. Joe is the president of the Kodiak Military History Museum. I provided all the material that you see there. I hope to complete a couple of short storys and add it to the short story section of the KTS Site. I'm really having fun with this Kodiak stuff. I have received already around 9 E mails from old timers from the KTS Site or related SCFer's. Like I mentioned in the guest book in response to someone's E mail, I will try and respond to everyone's initial E mail and post in the web. If I don't hear boo from anyone, I will post it. I will edit if it needs it. How are you, Marion and the kids doing? Do you keep in touch with the Lowenbergs? Someone E mailed me and said that Otto Wheeler was going to drop a note. Did you get my KTS Hump list that I think I sent. It contains names and E mails of everyone that has E mailed me. Bob
Subj: Web Site Date: 2/25/2001 11:55:50 AM Pacific Standard Time From: rophaug@qwestinternet.net (Ross Ophaug) To: BubbaSip@aol.com (Bob Siptrott) My son located this site while helping my grandson with a school project on Kodiak. If this message reaches you, I will update you on the past years since I was at Chiniak. Ross Ophaug
Subj: Nice letter. Date: 2/24/2001 3:09:53 PM Pacific Standard Time From: BubbaSip To: Mykowalsky, otto.l.wheeler@lmco.com 2.24.2001 Hello there Mr Mykowalsky, another Satellite Flyer, Thanks for taking the time to join in the fun. I will add your "E" mail handle into the KTS HUMP group E mail List. You qualify as a bonifide KTS HUMP. Are you a good hump or a bad hump? Think a minute. Welcome aboard. Tell my old bud Otto the Wheeler to join in, I sure would like to see what he has been up to. I heard he is married, I think that is great. Bob
Subj: Past folks who have Kodi Experiences Date: 2/23/2001 11:43:18 PM Pacific Standard Time From: Mykowalsky To: BubbaSip CC: otto.l.wheeler@lmco.com Hi, I worked at Space Division at the SCF for about 4 years until the Program Office moved to the Blue Cube. I worked at Aerospace Corp and had the technical responsibilty for the Bird Buffer Software and Tracking Station Command and Control Software and the Telemetry processing software. I went to Kodi in February about 1969. I have some great slides of black sand beach with eagles and some of the town. I have had contact with Otto Wheeler who had spent a few years at Kodi. I have told him about the Kodiak Tracking Station website and he expects to visit it soon. Be talking to you soon, Mike Kowalsky mykowalsky@aol.com
Subj: Ft Greeley Date: 2/23/2001 8:08:17 AM Pacific Standard Time From: Warren.Pearce-contractor@jntf.osd.mil (Pearce, Warren, CTR) To: BubbaSip@aol.com ('BubbaSip@aol.com'), SteveGur@aol.com ('Steve Gur') Don't know if I asked about this before, but I remember comments while I was at BOSS that we built a 60' DR there and never used it. I have gathered from recent history books on MITAS and DSP that it was to be used for MITAS. If so, it would be interesting to add that to your history and, even better, add some pictures if you can find them. WWP
Subj: Re: Ft Greeley Date: 2/23/2001 8:23:07 AM Pacific Standard Time From: SteveGur To: Warren.Pearce-contractor@jntf.osd.mil, BubbaSip, SteveGur Yes, there was a 60 foot at Ft. Greeley. I knew several guys that worked there. I remember being on the net at Hula when that site was up one time. But I think the site was operational, then not, then up then deactivated. Don't remember why. I think Wayne Pearson was one of them. Or try Lou Pelletier. I will think on it. Steve
Re: Ft Greeley Date: 2/23/2001 8:13:41 AM Pacific Standard Time From: BubbaSip To: Warren.Pearce-contractor@jntf.osd.mil Hi Warren and Steve: I really wouldn't know where to start. What I will do is have these "E" mail's posted in the guest book with a line from me, asking if anyone has this information, please send to me and I will have it incorporated, if not to lengthy Bob ANYONE HAVING INFORMATION RELATED TO WARREN'S REQUEST, PLEASE E MAIL: BOB SIPTROTT....................bubbasip@aol.com
Subj: Information about KTS Date: 2/15/2001 3:24:02 PM Pacific Standard Time From: BubbaSip To: SteveGur 2.15.2001 Hi Steve, here is something you might like. The guest book just happen as an Idea of mine. I started it when when you wrote your "E" mail. It is number one listed in their. See below for details. Bob. bubbasip@aol.com Go to your big screen. Next the main feature. What do you think? Hi, Ron woll I wanted to show all of you something I'm real proud of. Check out the finished Kodiak Tracking Station KTS Web Site and Guest book. See the below address. The Guest Book was added about three days ago. It was added by Crusty OLE Joe Stevens, the head Humpie (Director) for the Kodak Military Historical Society. He also designed the Main KTS Web Site with the material I provided. This is the Main Kodiak Tracking Station (KTS) Web Site: http://linux.kib.co.kodiak.ak.us/kmxt/af_track/bob.html Scroll to the end where you see these two subjects. Kodiak Military History Main Index Chiniak Tracking Station Guest Book. Double click on the guest book and see responses to the KTS material. Double click:... Open a door to history not much known about. Text and photographs provide by the Crust Man himself and his fans. At the end of this site, double click on the home page. Checkout the multitalented Hump (Crusty OLE Joe Stevens) that runs the entire show. ----------------------------------------- I will add almost everyone's response to the guest list. I will try and respond to all. You don't have had to work there "E" mail a favorable comment. The individual's that have worked in the Satellite Control Facility SCF, as it was known then, can "E" mail me a response and will be added to the Guest List. When more names are added, I'm sure troops will find addresses and '"E" mail of people they would like to contact after 30 +++ years. http://linux.kib.co.kodiak.ak.us/kmxt/af_track/bob.html At the below web site you will see kodiak Tracking Station Leveled to the Ground. Double click on pictures for a blow up. Joe Stevens took those pictures DEC. 16, 2000. Bob http://www.kadiak.org/af_track/2000_dec_16.html
Subj: Re: Some changes made. Date: 2/16/2001 10:25:58 AM Pacific Standard Time From: BubbaSip To: Warren.Pearce-contractor@jntf.osd.mil CC: STEVEGU CC: Warren.Pearce-contractor@jntf.osd.mil (Pearce,Warren,CTR) CC: jdledrew@nanosecond.com (Dennis Le Drew) CC: jpl@digital-star.com (Joe P Lobis) CC: RWoll@scitor.com (Woll,Ron) CC: cdgo@earthlink.net (Wayne Pearson), Turcoje NOTE: This response to Warren's letter will be added to the KTS Web Site, it contains additional information for all. Bob. ----------------------------------------- Thanks Warren: 2.16.2001 It took myself and Joe Stevens, the Kodiak Military Historical Society Web Site "Humpie" (Manager), 7 months to accomplish. Joe and I were on the computer rewriting the text, the web site would only take the HTML format. I scanned some of the material to him. He had to rewrite it, because the format the scanner was sending, JPG. What ever any of these formats mean. S. A. Joe knows. I kept half the material and rewrote much of it and sent it to him "E" mail. It was a lot of fun for me. Joe has many Irons in the fire, schedule and family to follow. I'm retired and having the fun of my life with this Tracking Station Venture. I'm retired handsome, rich, achieving greatness, and have very few scheduled responsibilities. Why am I choking? As I mentioned somewhere else, I knew I was going to write about Kodiak someday. I kept the material and many photographs for a lot of years. I tried writing this 20 years ago with a type writer and being married, didn't cut it. I was writing short stories and have a few that I will add to the web site, if Joe has time to do it. Might take awhile. The real fun in doing this, to respond to the Range Humps (R. H. ) " E" mail. Talking to someone with the same interests and most of the time the individuals are troops I worked with 30++ years ago. Can the Range Humps feature a web site with a collection of "E" mails from the past? What fun, piss someone off after a thousand years, being nice is good. A dream come true for this almost 60 year old Hump. I would like to someone to come up with something that we all could use to describe the good troops that worked or work in the Satellite Flying Network. What a ball I used to have. I kinda like Range Humps. The troops were always humping on their job (Busting Ass) and always had the "Esprit de corps "My spell checker won't touch that one, Screw it. Remember Troops: I won't be able to have Joe to incorporate all responses. The initial one's he will, in the KTS Web Site. Let me know troops if you don't want your material posted for all to see. . Bob Siptrott.
Subj: KTS now Date: 2/12/2001 5:13:10 PM Pacific Standard Time From: SteveGur@aol.com To: BubbaSip@aol.com I went to the web page. The vehicle maintenance shop in one of the pictures was never used. It was built in 1975 and the site closed. a half million dollars spent even though the AF knew the site would close. Steve
Subj: SCF Thoughts Date: 2/15/2001 1:13:40 PM Pacific Standard Time From: Warren.Pearce-contractor@jntf.osd.mil (Pearce, Warren, CTR) To: BubbaSip@aol.com ('BubbaSip@aol.com') Bob, Really like your site. I started in the SCF at BOSS in 1968, then went to DVEH in 1972, the AFSATCOM Terminal SPO in 1974, the CSOC SPO in 1980, CSOC in 1985 and am still there. I had one trip to KTS in either late 1973 or early 1974 to replace the 14' raydome after it got soaked with water. Some comments: On your RTS map, CTS is Colorado Tracking Station which is a couple of hundred yards from me right now. We built the Remote Vehicle Checkout Facility (RVCF) at the cape around 1970 after the first DSCS launch where they reversed the primary and backup KG boxes on the birds. Forget this one, the above to are being changed. You should add Annette Tracking Station to the map and try to get some pictures of it since it was in Alaska too. Again, neat web page WWP +-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+ W. Warren Pearce, CISSP TRW System Security Engineer Joint National Test Facility Schriever AFB, CO. 80912 719-567-8736
Subj: RE: Something I want you to see. Date: 2/15/2001 11:27:13 AM Pacific Standard Time From: William.Lorfing@ONIZUKA.AF.MIL (Lorfing William C Contr 21SOPS/DOO) To: BubbaSip@AOL.COM ('BubbaSip@AOL.COM') I just read it. Sounds like there are a lot of people going to that site on a regular basis. It's a good way to catch up with old friends. I also went through your material. Looks like a good primer on satellite operations. It's quite Good. The Kadiak.org site is interesting too. Lots of historical information going back to WWII. Bill Lorfing O/21-24 B/100
Subj: Hello Joe Lobis LOBO), you ole Range Rat.. Date: 2/15/2001 11:08:01 AM Pacific Standard Time From: BubbaSip To: jpl@digital-star.com (J P L) Go to your big screen 2/15/2001 Hi Jooooooe Lobis, how the hell are you, how they hangin now? I'll bet a little bit, maybe a lota bit low. When were you at Kodiak? When did you retire from the Blue Cube (Sunnyvale AirForce Base or Station?) I retired from their DEC. 1 1997. Best thing I have ever done. I'm in San Jose, now or still am. Where are you residing? You know my E mail. Joe. I want you to read the attached mail about my guest book. Your response to the site and to my self is in our (Joe Stevens) guest book now. This E mail will be in their also. Your response to this one could be also. Easy on our old language. Since I had to cut down, I can't hold a very intelligent conversation. What an alphabet I have to work with, jumps from "E" to "G." Half my verbs and adjectives are forboden Here it is Joe. When you receive this E mail click to the large screen. I hope you enjoy the upcoming material. Give me some feed back to this mail, young bandit Bob Siptrott also known as a Pogue. Who remembers Chiniak Cheer, Pogue and the Blue Goose.
Subj: Hello Wayne!!! (kodiak talking time) Date: 2/12/2001 3:40:26 PM Pacific Standard Time From: BubbaSip To: cdgo@earthlink.net Hi, Wayne Person: 2/12/2001 Been a long time hasn't it. I sure remember the Kodiak Bear Hunt yourself, Rocky Shuraki, and I went on at Ukanic Bay, a thousand years ago. That sure was fun sitting in our tents freezing with, rain sounds on the outside of tent. It was bearable though with the Christian Brothers Brandy Brand heaters we brought along. I really enjoyed having you as a Supervisor, much was accomplished. If you know of anyone that wants to look at the Web site use this address for direct access.
http://linux.kib.co.kodiak.ak.us/kmxt/af_track/bob.html At this web site you will see kodiak Tracking Station Leveled to the Ground. Double click on pictures for blow up. Joe Stevens took those pictures DEC. 16, 2000. Crusty OLE Joe as he is well known by in Kodak, is the Head kahuna for the Kodiak Military History Museum, where the Kodak Tracking Station Material is resident. http://www.kadiak.org/af_track/2000_dec_16.html Anyone that contacts me will get an answer back, whether I remembered them or not. Joe wants to make up a guest list/log for all that respond the KTS web site. I love the idea. He will incorporate everyone's correspondence and my responses to the "E" mails on that list. This will enable the OLE gang/troops to E mail amongst themselves. They can reminisce about the past 30+++ years and get moist. I live in San Jose now, retired and having fun. I had been married and adopted a family with 4 kids There all on there own married now. I was married in Alaska, I don't if you were there or not. it was around 1969 I believe. The KTS web site took awhile to put together. Now I am building a web site to sell Space Shuttle stuff. I had been selling the stuff since 1981 when the Shuttle first started. I was the first Ground Controller for LAMS (Lead) when we started the program in the Blue Cube in 1980 Where do you reside? You should be receiving and e mail from Dennis La drew soon. Spread the word to look at the web site and e mail me. I'm writing a short story of what I remembered of the hunting trip the 3 of us went on. It will be added to the KTS web same article under the chapter intitled Short Story's you would let me borrow your pictures I would appreciate it. I will send you another e mail with my address on it. This e mail will probably be posted in the KTS Web site guest list/log as a response to the E mails coming in. Keep in contact. Bob
Subj: Re: Kodiak Tracking Station Date: 2/12/2001 12:41:46 PM Pacific Standard Time From: jpl@digital-star.com (J P L) To: BubbaSip@aol.com Bob, It has been a long time since Kodiak. Being one of the Philco guys going there when the contract changed hands does bring back memories. Yes I was even there when they decided to shut it down. To bad politics had to enter there. Joe
Subj: Wayne Pearson Date: 2/12/2001 8:30:43 AM Pacific Standard Time From: jdledrew@nanosecond.com (Dennis Le Drew) To: BubbaSip@aol.com (Bob Siptrott) Bob, I sure do remember Wayne Pearson. I'm going to email him myself. He came to Hula with his second wife, as the Junior ICR when I was there as the RSR, and Carol & I socialized a lot with him and his wife. I had wondered where ho had got to. There was a Wayne Pearson on the list for the reunion, but I couldn't pick him out of the crowd. Enjoy your "hits", but I know you will. Dennis
Subj: Hello Date: 2/11/2001 4:47:58 PM Pacific Standard Time From: cdgo@earthlink.net To: BubbaSip@aol.com Bob, Enjoyed your WEB site. Brought back a lot of old memories. Let me know if you need copies of any old photos, etc or just some memory jogging about some of our hunting trips. I retired from Lockheed in Sunnyvale two years ago. That was after Lockheed bought Loral/Ford Aerospace where I had worked the previous 27 years. Finally got to all the sites one way or another, including Thule, Seychelles, and Diego Garcia. But I still miss Kodiak as the best site ever. Wayne Pearson
Subj: More Kudos Date: 2/11/2001 4:08:40 PM Pacific Standard Time From: jdledrew@nanosecond.com (Dennis Le Drew) To: BubbaSip@aol.com (Bob Siptrott) Bob, I have known Ron Woll for years. He is a nice guy, and very sharp. His Kudos inspired me to have another look at your web site, and I can't believe how much you have done since I last looked. Great Stuff! Dennis Le drew
Subj: Bob Siptrott didn't forget, just out of town. Date: 2/11/2001 1:52:26 PM Pacific Standard Time From: BubbaSip To: SteveGur Hi, Steve: 2/11/2001 It has been a long long time since I have seen you. I don't necessarily want to...mention the amount of years that have past. I remembered the name, now I think I can put somewhat of a face to it. I'm somewhat surprised to her from the old SCF folks. I have heard from a few troops that saw the article, however they were working here, not the Tracking Station. I do have a spiral bound book that has the picture of the Polarbear and Kodak Tacking Station on the front.I had some made with the identical contents, the Web Site contains. I only have 20 at a time made at kink's publishing. These were for the people that I worked with in Sunnyvale (the Blue Cube types). I was selling them upon requests for $13.50. I have one left and will be taking that one to have an additional 30 made. I have 14 more requests so I have to do it. The price $13.50 plus Priority Shipping additional $5.00. It only take a few days to make them up. If you want one, let me know and provide an address and I will send it to you soon.This is not a business, this is retirement fun at it's best. I knew when I was at the Tracking Station from June 1963 thru June 1, 1972, that I was going to accomplish something like this. I had too much fun, both bombed and sober, and wanted to see if there was anyone else as crazy as I was. I had to share my memories with all. I guess what I enjoyed the most were all the Town's people. Kodiak was and is the greatest place in the world to be. I just recently chated briefly with Dennis LaDrew about you ('E' mail) Seems that you knew each other rather well. I just recently obtained his address from John Turco. John was one the first Mission Controllers in Sunnyvale (STC) when Satellites started to fly. I plan on continuing with the short stories for the Kodiak Tracking Web Site. Maybe a couple within the next few months, I will put you on my mailing list when they come out. That is if the CRUST MAN will be good to me. He is the Guru that keeps Kodiak moving and updates the Kodiak Tracking Station Web Site. You should go back to where my article was and look at the article below mine. It shows come pictures, Crusty "Ole Joe" took of the leveled Kodiak Tracking Station Site. Go to Joe's home page at the bottom of this, and see what the mischieves Crust Man gets himself into. You know, I never met him, what happens if I like him?... Bob Siptrott bubbasip@aol.com
Date: 2/11/2001 9:45:43 AM Pacific Standard Time From: RWoll@scitor.com (Woll, Ron) To: BubbaSip@aol.com ('BubbaSip@aol.com') Bob, Wow!! I wish I had kept better records of my stay at VTS (2/62-10/75) and Sunnyvale (10/75-present). I have great memories. Just have severe memory access problems...Many thanks. Ron Woll AFSCN System Engineering Requirements Analysis "E" mail......RWoll@scitor.com, (Woll, Ron) Sunnyvale, CA 94089-1324
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2001 From: stevegur@aol.com HI Bob, I don't know if you remember me or not. I was at Kodi as the ICR from July 1972 until we closed it in July1975. I am very impressed with your web site. I would like to know if you have your site in print and if I could purchase a copy. Also am interested in Tony Smakers book. I got your web site from Buzz Longstreth who got it from Rex Kimal. I sent it to a few friends, Lou Pelletier and the last commander of the station, now retired Major Bob Keller. In my career with Lockheed, Philco, Philco Ford and Loral, I worked at Hula, Thule, Kodi, Cook, Sunnyvale, Colorado (Colorado Tracking Station), Diego Garcia, two tours as the ICR, I did the entire site integration for Colorado and Diego, then on to Oakhanger, (TCS). Had quite a good time and career. Would be great to hear from you. I have Ron Williams address but no email address. Steve Gurican

This guest book was begun February 2001.