Kodiak Tracking Station
Bill Beaty's Door

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1. Don Austring
2. Bill Bailey
3. Painter of the wall
4. George Zonoff
5. Bob Siptrott
6. Harry Birmingham
7. Bill Shaker
8. Bill Bliss
9. Bob Morris
10. Unknown
11. Bill Hixson
12. Pete Smyth
13. George Ebling
14. Chuck Lindenschmidt
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Dateline: Chiniak, Alaska, Circa 1968

Chuck Lindenschmidt (in the picture) and I, (in the picture) were sitting in the site's bar, one Saturday afternoon. We sure were feeling no pain and were bored. Topic of discussion at the time, Bill Beaty was coming back from vacation that afternoon or evening, talk about bored.

For some reason that discussion turned on a flock of light bulbs, I had an idea! I will find out if it will work, I search the barracks for the sites resident carpenter and painter and found them one by one. I told them of my idea, plus a case of beer each, the ruse was on. I told them what to do and come fetch me when you're finished. I told them were I would be, where else.

I should have cleared it with the Site Commander, however I didn't. He won't be back until Monday morning, he was really a pretty good guy. I was fetched about 1 O'clock that afternoon. I then told Chuck what I was up to. We both went down to Bill's room for a look see. We laughed our ass off. Bill's door to his room disappeared. I went to the communication center and had a page made. I asked for anyone who wanted to be part of a picture of Bill Beaty's door that disappeared meet down in front of the room next to Bill's.

I asked the carpenter take a picture with my camera as soon as all were assembled. You can see by the picture, who showed up.

Bill came back from vacation a couple hours after we had finished with the deed. He had a look of serious disbelief on his face. Where's my xxxxxxx room!!! Nobody said XXXX. My buddy Chuck quietly left the bar and went down to Bill's room and hid his luggage in the adjouning room. We went too far with that.

We finally left the bar one by one and left Bill by himself. I found out later one of the guys told him that the wall was a temporary structure. He had the carpenter let him in. He didn't realize his luggage was gone until the next morning. I had no idea that chuck hid the luggage and then went to town. What came next was not nice.

Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2012 11:43:25 -0700 (PDT)
From: Harry Birmingham   mapche at yahoo dot com
Subject: Bob Siptrott and Kodiak Tracking Station
Hi Joe
Just browsing thru Siptrott's short stories and I found myself in a picture with (Unknown)as the person. The reason I was unknown was because I was the instructor teaching a maintence class, and was not one of the Casa de Toro imbibers. In Bill Beatty's door picture, (6) was labelled Bill Skaker...but it was me...Harry Birmingham (7) Unknown was Bill Shaker.....I haven't heard from Bob Siptrott for a few years, and don't know if he is living, or what. Can you enlighten me? You and Bob have a real neat WEBSITE!

Harry Birmingham
Kodiak Nov64 Nov64 Nov65

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